About the author

M. Louisa Locke

M. Louisa Locke, a retired professor of U.S. and Women’s History, has embarked on a second career as the author of novels and short stories set in Victorian San Francisco that are based on Dr. Locke's doctoral research on late 19th century working women.&nbsp;In&nbsp;<em>Maids of Misfortune</em>, Annie Fuller, a young widow, goes undercover as a domestic servant to solve a murder, in&nbsp;<em>Uneasy Spirits</em>, Annie and lawyer Nate Dawson investigate fraudulent trance mediums, and in&nbsp;<em>Bloody Lessons</em>, they try to determine who is attacking San Francisco teachers.&nbsp;<em>Deadly Proof</em>, the fourth book in the series, is about women in the San Francisco printing industry, the fifth book in the series,&nbsp;<em>Pilfered Promises</em>, takes Annie and Nate into the world of the new department store. <em><strong>Scholarly Pursuits</strong></em>, the most recent book in the series, takes Laura Dawson (Nate’s sister) to the UC: Berkeley campus where she faces the remarkably modern problems of fraternity hazings, fraught romantic relationships, and fractious faculty politics.&nbsp;<br><br>​​​​​​​Not just content with writing about the past, under the pen name Louisa Locke, she has recently turned to the future with the Caelestis Series Trilogy (<em>Between Mountain and Sea, Under Two Moons, Through Ddaera’s Touch)&nbsp;</em>set in the collaborative world of the&nbsp;<em>Paradisi Chronicles.&nbsp;</em>Locke is active in the Alliance of Independent Authors and the Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative. More about her work can be found at&nbsp;http://mlouisalocke.com/<br><br><br>