About the author

Edward Patrick Akinyemi

<p>Edward is a former AmeriCorps VISTA member and a current nonprofit professional. His experience of being a VISTA taught him valuable lessons about community development and the nonprofit sector.</p> <p>He currently works together with his awesome colleagues at the <em>North End Community Improvement Collaborative </em>in Mansfield, Ohio to improve the quality of life and economic landscape of the North End community.</p> <p>Edward also holds a BSc Economics and Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam and an MSc Economics and Business Administration in Sports and Event Management from the University of Southern Denmark.</p> <p>Edward has many years of experience writing, mostly on his personal website edwardp.me, though he also has been a writer for the Juventus SB Nation website for almost 5 years. Besides talking about community development, the easiest way to grab his attention is to ask him about the club closest to his heart, Juventus F.C.</p>