About the author

Shirish D

<p>Shirish D (1974 till now, and counting) is a self-taught artist from India.<br /> <br /> Information Technology is one of the expertise of Shirish, but his heart (and mind) is completely devoted to art.</p> <p>Shirish dabbles in sketching and painting in various media like pen&amp;inks, watercolors, acrylics, oils and spray paints. He paints various subjects like landscapes, portraits, urban sketches; and figures &amp; nudes.<br /> <br /> Shirish also does video production for various art-related courses that he publishes on various platforms, and has taught thousands of students worldwide.<br /> <br /> Shirish believes in having no limits to living an artistic life and has now jumped into the wonderful world of books to share his passion for visual arts to art lovers of the world.</p>