About the author

Janice Anne Wheeler

<p><strong>Janice Anne Wheeler</strong> is a Chef Entrepreneur who is very excited to now be known as an author!&nbsp; She grew up all over Upstate New York, graduated Cornell University Hotel School and headed West.&nbsp; She is passionate about family, friends, healthy local food and Mother Nature.&nbsp; Travel is in her blood, taking her amazing places, meeting incredible characters along the way.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Her Colorado catering business &amp; organic gardens were her creative outlet for two decades; that morphed into writing, sharing her unique outlook on the world.&nbsp; Still obsessed with food, flavors and nutrition, now she cooks for her &#39;Friend Basket&#39; (curious? read the book!) and donates her skills as a Private Chef to organizations such as Susan G. Komen, Wounded Warriors, American Cancer Society&rsquo;s Hope Lodge, North Country Chamber of Commerce.&nbsp; &#39;Spicing Up The World&#39; is her Secret Spice business; better Google that and get some!</p><p>Janice returned to New York three years ago to spend time with&nbsp;her father, investigated her genetics and found she possesses the BRCA2 Genetic Mutation.&nbsp;&nbsp; Without many resources to draw on, she made a drastic choice to save her life, and <strong><em>The New Girls</em></strong>&nbsp;was written as she recovered from a Preventive Double Mastectomy.&nbsp; This experience brought a strong desire&nbsp;to raise awareness of Breast Cancer, genetics and BRCA, the choices&nbsp;it entails.&nbsp;</p><p>This first-time author has written a raw, personal, memoir. There are choices, drastic, serious choices, and <strong><em>The New Girls</em></strong>&nbsp;is written in a style you will not put down.&nbsp; It is her profound hope that this resource helps others trying to face a decision similar to her own.&nbsp; It has been a wild ride, and the journey continues.&nbsp; If you or someone you know is facing such a decision, hopefully, <strong><em>The New Girls</em></strong>&nbsp;will give comfort, knowing that you are not alone.</p><p>Her second book, &quot;On Hold&quot;, tells of the precious time spent with her father at the end of his life.&nbsp; Her third, &quot;Say What Needs to be Said&quot;, is in progress, with other ideas pounding around inside of her brain.&nbsp;</p><p>She is healthy, happy, humorous and ready to share <strong><em>The New Girls</em></strong>&nbsp;with the world.&nbsp;</p><p>Follow her!&nbsp; Write a review.&nbsp; Share her story.</p>