About the author

Samantha Kaye

<p>Samantha lives with her spouse in the Seattle area where her bookcases are chocked full of histories and biographies, encompassing both ancient and modern times. A graduate of Tufts in history, she has lived in London, Harare, Boston, Hangzhou, and Nashville. Her office walls are adorned with paintings of The Emperor, and a street map of 18th century Paris. In the dark hours before dawn, she composes historically accurate fiction, and fashions complex, interwoven romantic stories to foster curiosity and stir emotions. A romantic at heart, her work evokes both the nuances and the challenging relationships of the waning days of the French court along with the passion of forbidden love.<br /> <br /> She and her husband are parents to two grown sons and live with a poorly behaved lap dog named Bijoux. A fan of Sauvignon Blanc, Samantha&#39;s favorite vacation was a recent wine tasting tour of southern France. When she isn&#39;t writing, or reading, Samantha loves to shop for hats and shoes, her secret indulgence.</p>