About the author

Stephanie A. Cain

<p>Stephanie A. Cain writes epic &amp; urban fantasy. She is the author of <em>Stormsinger</em>, <em>Stormshadow, Stormseer, The Midwinter Royal,&nbsp;</em>and <em>Sow the Wind</em>. She grew up in Indiana, where much of her urban fantasy is set.</p><p></p><p>She spends her work time at a small museum doing historical research, giving tours of a Victorian man-cave, and serving as a one-woman IT department. A proud crazy cat lady, she is happily owned by Eowyn, Strider, and Eustace Clarence Scrubb.</p><p></p><p>In her free time, she enjoys hiking (except for the spiders), bird-watching, and reading. She enjoys organizing things and visits office supply stores for fun. She owns way more movie scores and fountain pens than she can actually afford.</p>