About the author

Sarah Barton

<p><strong>Welcome!<br /> <br /> Sarah Barton, Angel Ambassador, Channel of Grace, and founder of Angel Cuddle Healing lives in SW France, in a stone built ancient farmhouse.</strong></p><p>As the host at Angel Cuddle Cafe and Angel Cuddle Trails, I am an English lady with a passion for being a Light Player, sharing love and showing up as one of the ones facilitating peace on Mother Earth. So, how can I help you?<br /> <br /> Writing has always been one of my passions, both fiction and non-fiction and I enjoy reading and writing historical stories, especially mysteries, with a touch of romance, as well as children&rsquo;s books.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I am beginning to write and publish spiriti-practical tools by way of self-help books, commencing with journals and colouring books as therapy to de-stress. Did you realise that you can change your life by journaling and colouring?<br /> <br /> <br /> Angel Cuddle Publishing; Angel Cuddle Trails; Angel Cuddle Cafe;</p><p><strong>Angel Cuddles to you, Sarah</strong></p>