About the author

Two Sisters

<p>A book by Two Sisters is exactly that. Raised outside a small Northern &shy;Ontario town, surrounded by lush forest, we were no strangers to home remedies and what nature had to offer. A love of animals captured our hearts early on, and grew into our passion.</p><p></p><p>{Freda} - I rescue pets to this day with one rule &ndash; once they are here, they stay, never to be abused again. I have raised raccoons, cared for abandoned birds from the wild, and scooped injured bear cubs from the highway. Like most, I have a limited about of money, and with veterinary fees sky rocketing, I turned to what I had learned growing up &ndash; what nature had to offer. I experimented, adjusted, and learned through the years. I have been contacted frequently by people who need help with their sick pets, and have been requested repeatedly to &ldquo;write it down.&rdquo;</p><p></p><p>We have done so in this guide. We will continue to learn and to revise this information, and always make it affordable for all people who care for their beloved pets.</p>