About the author

Brian O'Gorman

<p>Brian O&#39;Gorman was born in Ormskirk Lancashire in 1974. He moved to Macclesfield Cheshire at a young age and grew up in the town. He began story writing whilst at primary school and won many gold star awards from his teachers for his creativity. When he left school at 16 he began working at Tesco&#39;s stacking shelves in the frozen food department. Soon, he took a job in a printing factory and spent 8 years learning the trade. He decided to change career and trained to be a primary school teacher. He finally qualified after 10 years of training only to leave the profession after being diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. During his recovery he began to write his debut novel &quot;Pharmacon&quot; after reading an article on genetic modification. He followed it up with the international best seller &quot;Dawn of the Spiders.&quot; He took a break from horror writing to pen the children&#39;s novel &quot;No Dogs Land&quot; but returned to the genre with the supernatural thriller &quot;Blackout.&quot; His influences include Stephen King, James Herbert and Roald Dahl. Brian currently resides in Stockport England.</p>