About the author

Ryan David Rangel

<p>&nbsp;Ryan Rangel has been called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Growing up in the church as far back as being dedicated to God as an infant,&nbsp;he has seen many forms of religion and worship. Ryan, feeling that something was missing from the church and having the heart to figure out the right way, has dedicated every ounce of his being to submit to God through His Word in order to absorb the true nature and understanding of God. Fortunately, through&nbsp;submission to God, Ryan has been enlightened through His Spirit to come to the wisdom, understanding, and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. His work separates itself from what we have known and have become accustomed to. It truly exemplifies Jesus Christ, bringing to light the good news of Jesus through the knowledge of Christ being revealed to Him in God&rsquo;s Word.</p> <p></p>