About the author

Angelin Sydney

<p>Before becoming a full-time author, Angelin Sydney was one of the most prolific contributors to fanfiction and fictionpress where her compelling style of story-telling had strong followings.</p><p>She was a journalist for a daily business paper in the Philippines.</p><p>Since moving to Australia many years ago, she has had numerous incarnations. She was a banker, insurance seller, housing loan broker, home-stay mother to hundreds of international students, small business operator, casual kitchen hand and a nanny. She&rsquo;s really been around.</p><p>Her most consistent role, however, is being a mother to four wonderful people. Sadly, one of them has gone ahead, leaving her to write stories to help others to heal, laugh, hope, and continue to dream.</p><p>In all honesty, the only thing active about her is her imagination. It is as fertile as the rice fields of the Philippines where she was born.</p><p><strong>About Her Stories</strong></p><p>They are original, funny, swoon-worthy, and thrilling to the core. She&rsquo;s the self-styled queen of romantic comedy and romantic thriller.</p><p>Follow her on Twitter: @Angelin_Sydney</p><p>and</p><p>Instagram: writingangel</p>