About the author

Megan Mayfair

<p>Megan Mayfair is a Melbourne-based writer who draws inspiration from her beautiful hometown and regional Victoria to create contemporary women&#39;s fiction, containing a big dash of romance and a spoonful of family intrigue.</p> <p>Megan is married with three children, loves a good cup of coffee and believes you can never have too many scarves.</p> <p>Megan has written a number of short stories, including Picking up the Pieces and the Tarot Reader.</p> <p>Her debut novel is The Things We Leave Unsaid and is published by Crooked Cat Books. It is available via Amazon and is FREE in Kindle Unlimited https://mybook.to/leaveunsaid</p> <p>Her second novel, Tangled Vines is also available https://mybook.to/tangledvines, along with her third novel, The Problem with Perfect https://mybook.to/theproblemwithperfect</p> <p>To keep updated on future short stories and novels, subscribe to her newsletter: www.meganmayfair.com/subscribe</p>