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K. Lumpkin

<p>K. Lumpkin began writing and illustrating books at the age of 4. Currently, she is a wife and mother of two adolescents who make the simplest things in life exciting . K. Lumpkin and her family have lived in Latin America and various states in the U.S. When not homeschooling and learning with as well as from her teens and when a breath can be caught, she enjoys the pleasures of her early years &#8212; writing, reading, dancing and painting.</p><p>&#8195;</p><p>Also by K. Lumpkin</p><p/><p>K. Lumpkin is also author of the FIRE Series (Fire, River, and Beauty), all of which can be found on Draft2Digital, as well as the stand-alone psychological thriller Nothing in Time Separating.&#160; Her latest title and the sequel to Covering All Wrongs is Hope Fulfilled.</p><p/><p>From The Author</p><p/><p><em>Dear Reader:</em></p><p/><p><em>I hope you have enjoyed Covering All Wrongs and that you will enjoy just as much its sequel, Hope Fulfilled.&#160; I have put my heart into both novels with you in mind.&#160; Please feel free to reach out to me at pumpkinmamados@tutanota.com. May God richly bless you and yours.</em></p><p/><p><em>K. Lumpkin</em></p>