About the author

Shay Stone

<p>Shay Stone started her writing career after a car accident left her unable to read or look at a computer. Ironic, right? Many years, and hours of vision therapy later, and voila! She wrote her first book. She lives in Georgia with her four dogs and one cat, that thinks he is a dog. If you happen to be driving around Atlanta, there is a good chance you will see her dancing in her car and singing (poorly) to some 80&rsquo;s tune. She has no shame.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; Her passions include writing and traveling. She writes strong women with a bit of attitude, and flawed men that you can&rsquo;t help but fall in love with to create that once in a lifetime love one page at a time. She has two self-help books &ndash; <em>Pain, Pain, Go Away</em>, and <em>Why Am I Still Single? A Tough Love Guide for Single Women</em>. <em>The Rise to Fame</em> is her first contemporary romance.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; To stay up to date on Shay&rsquo;s latest releases check out her website and sign up for her newsletter or follow her on social media.</p> <p></p>