About the author

Joelle Casteix

<p>Named one of Orange County&#39;s 100 Most Influential People of 2015, Joelle Casteix is a bestselling&nbsp;author, journalist, speaker, and advocate. She&#39;s also the leading &ldquo;in the trenches&rdquo; expert on the prevention and exposure of child sex abuse and cover-up&mdash;especially within institutions such as the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts and public schools.</p><p>Her blog,&nbsp;The Worthy Adversary, has become a leading voice in survivor advocacy, exposing abuse and cover-up, child safety, and parenting strategies.</p><p>Her other writings have appeared in the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, OC Family, and Parenting.com</p><p>Her TEDx talk on the power of responsibility quickly went viral, making her an in-demand corporate, university and motivational speaker. She has inspired thousands with her stories of hope, action, and the power of her &quot;Six Decisions.&quot; You can view the video on her website: www.Casteix.com<br /> <br /> She lives in California with her husband and son.</p>