About the author

Sarah Ashwood

<p>Don&rsquo;t believe all the hype: Sarah Ashwood isn&rsquo;t really a gladiator, a Highlander, an expert fencer, a skilled horsewoman, an archer, a magic wielder, or a martial arts expert. That&rsquo;s only in her mind. In real life, she&rsquo;s a genuine Okie from Muskogee who holds a B.A. in English from American Military University, and is the author of the <em>Sunset Lands Beyond</em> fantasy trilogy, <em>Amana</em>, and <em>A Minstrel&rsquo;s Musings</em>. She lives (mostly) quietly at home with her husband and three sons, where she tries to sneak in a daily workout or run to save her sanity.</p>