About the author

Poppy M. Haas

<p>Is there anything better than a dangerous mystery book along with something tasty to eat?</p><p>My mom collected the Nancy Drew books when she was a girl. In my childhood home, she lined them all up on two shelves of the floor-to-ceiling oak bookcases. When I passed a milestone- good grades on my report card, did extra chores, was nice to my little brothers- my mom let me read the next mystery.</p><p>As I read through the Nancy Drew series, I searched for other mysteries, especially during the triple digit days of summer in Northern California. The Boxcar Children, the Babysitter&rsquo;s club, the Mandie mystery series, the Hardy Boys and the Adventures of the Bobbsey Twins filled the hours of summer.</p><p>As I got older, I dived into the classics of Agatha Christie, then Mary Higgins Clark and many other intriguing mystery books. I imagined what mysteries might lie right in my own little world. As stories came to me, I began to write them down, bringing the characters in my head into life.</p><p>Along with reading mysteries, cooking and baking is near and dear to my heart. Gathering people and feeding them is such fun. Food is a wonderful way to get to know people.</p><p>I&rsquo;ve gotten to know so many wonderful people and had many rich conversations over a good (or not so good!) meal as well as solved a personal mystery or two.</p><p>If you&rsquo;d like to know more about the other books, get the recipes from the books (along with other goodies I come up with throughout the year), go to <u>www.poppymhaas.com</u></p><p></p><p>You can also find me on Facebook @poppymhaas</p><p></p>