About the author

Dedra L. Stevenson

<strong><em><br></em></strong>Dedra L. Stevenson is a multi-genre author, filmmaker, and a multi-award-winning screenwriter originally from Alabama, USA, but now an Emirati residing permanently in the U.A.E.&nbsp; Her novels include a fantasy fiction trilogy for young adults, known as&nbsp;<strong><em>The Hakima’s Tale</em></strong>, a controversial courtroom drama called&nbsp;<strong><em>Desert Magnolia</em></strong>, a horror called&nbsp;<strong><em>The Skinwalker Resurrection</em></strong>, a collection of fantasy short stories called&nbsp;<strong><em>Tales of the Lantern</em></strong>, and a children’s book called&nbsp;<strong><em>Little Loud Beatrice and the Magic Painting.</em></strong><br>Her current novel,&nbsp;<strong><em>The Buchanan Bastard</em></strong>, has just been released in eBook format across&nbsp;all major online stores such as Amazon Kindle, with the paperback and the hardcover editions ready for customers to order by 02/23/23, the launch date for the print editions.&nbsp;<br>She is also collaborating with a number of Sci-Fi authors to release&nbsp;<strong><em>Human Horizons</em></strong>, an anthology of Sci-Fi short stories, sometime in 2023.&nbsp;<br>In addition to writing stories, Ms Stevenson enjoys writing movies.&nbsp; She won Best Short Screenplay for&nbsp;<strong>Desert Magnolia</strong>, based on her novel of the same name, at Cannes, in 2018.<br>She wrote the screenplay for the horror short film,&nbsp;<strong>Amunet</strong>, which went on to win many awards and distinctions.<br>She wrote several feature screenplays after that, including&nbsp;<strong>The Skinwalker Resurrection</strong>&nbsp;(award nominated, 2018, along with many selections),&nbsp;<strong>C.U.P.I.D.</strong>&nbsp;(award nominated, 2020, along with many selections), and&nbsp;<strong>Earth Angels</strong>, an original horror (semi-finalist, 2020) and most recently the first two short scripts of a Dark Comedy limited series entitled,&nbsp;<strong>Kill the…</strong>&nbsp; These scripts are winning a multitude of screenwriting competitions, (12 so far) all around the world.<br>Ms Stevenson also hosts a brand-new podcast, YOU, ME, and ICED TEA and Co-Hosts the already popular podcast, Free Talk with Mr. B.&nbsp; Both shows also have a YouTube talk show version.<br>Ms Stevenson intends to keep on writing, as long as her genre-hopping keeps her fresh and in the zone. Many more stories to come.<strong><em><br>​​​​​​​</em></strong><br><br>You can follow her via any of her social media networks:<br><br><strong>Twitter:&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong><br>@Hakimastale<br>@LemonadethefilmUAE<br>@bluejinnimedia<br><br><strong>Facebook:</strong><br>​​​​​​​https://www.facebook.com/TheHakimastale/<br>https://www.facebook.com/magnoliagrovethebook/<br>https://www.facebook.com/bluejinnimedia/<br>https://www.facebook.com/groups/244885799261170/<br>https://www.facebook.com/groups/131953457474357/<br><br><strong>Instagram:</strong><br>#bluejinnimedia<br>#dedrastevenson<br><strong>Snapchat:</strong><br>Dedra_s<br><br>