About the author

Andrea Merchak

As far back as she remembers, Andrea has loved all things horror. <br> She embarked on her journey when she was just a kid, watching iconic must-see horror movies and devouring one horror classic after another. As a grown-up, she initially found an outlet for her creativity through writing, as a freelance journalist. It was her sister who pushed her toward rediscovering her true passion – horror. Andrea went on to combine her love for writing with her love for horror, giving us her first book – <strong><em>Bloody Legends</em></strong>. <br> She also released a special story as part of the horror anthology ‘Death &amp; Pestilence’ with other horror writers, called <strong><em>Deadly Senses</em></strong>. Meanwhile, her debut novel was so well-received by readers that it became a series with the release of the exciting prequel to Bloody Legends – <strong><em>Bloody Origin</em></strong>. <br> Being a lover of all things books, she also dabbles in artistic and creative endeavors which enrich the reading process – book covers, book trailers, and book formatting/conversion. <br> Connecting with her readers helps Andrea make her stories dark and gory and infused with a blend of suspense, mystery, and crime. She loves adding a touch of the erotic, and many of her tales involve a brush with the supernatural. Writing is her greatest joy, and Andrea will always find new ways to intrigue and scare the wits out of you. <br> Look for Andrea’s recently released <strong><em>Crowley’s Cult</em></strong> – where the past and the present come together in a clash of sinister and bizarre happenings, taking its protagonist Zane down a path of sex, murder, and violence. <br> So, are you ready to be terrified? <br>