About the author

DR.Chirag Jain

<p><strong>Dr. Chirag Jain </strong>has been practicing in the field of medicine since the last 13 years. He has trained more than 10000 human brains with his 4 R theory and has done interventions based on the understanding human brain and its neuronal circuits with the laws of neuroplasticity formulated by him.&nbsp;<br> <br> He is also a mindfulness educator and strongly believes that the cause of suffering is not the brain which overthinks but the fixed mind-set. We all know that fixed mind-set exist but very few have explored the reasons and the consequences of a fixed mind-set.&nbsp;<br> The sole aim of writing the book is to give strategies and create awareness in the readers how these hard-wired thoughts increase our sufferings and resilience is not a luxury but a choice.&nbsp;<br> <br> <em>&ldquo;To persevere, I think, is important for everybody. Don&#39;t give up, don&#39;t give in. There&#39;s always an answer to everything.</em>&rdquo;-<strong>Louis Zamperini</strong></p>