About the author

Julia A. Royston

<p><strong>Julia Royston is a Louisville, KY native author, publisher, speaker, teacher and songwriter residing in Southern Indiana with her husband, Brian K. Royston.&nbsp; Julia&rsquo;s motto is &ldquo;motivating you to be all that you can be, helping you get your message to the masses and turn your words into wealth.&rdquo;&nbsp; She further states that &ldquo;people hire me to publish their Book, Coach them to write their Book, Provide Ways to promote their Message to the World and Create Products and Services surrounding their Book.&rdquo;&nbsp; Julia has written more than 50 books, published and coached 100+ authors to release 150+ books.&nbsp; Prior to full-time publishing and coaching, Julia spent 22 years as a certified, media specialist/technology instructor in a public and private school system. &nbsp;</strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>