About the author

Marjorie Lindsey

<p>Marjorie&#39;s novels are futuristic, adventure fantasies geared to teenagers and young adults. The Falcon Chronicles&nbsp;series has two current themes. One is climate change, the other is coming-of-age, focusing on young women.<br /> <br /> My desire was to create a strong relatable heroine and follow her journey into the responsibilities of adulthood in a futuristic, dystopian world. What followed was the adventurous story of Brynna Bokk and her friends.<br /> <br /> My education definitely influences my stories. I have a degree in psychology and women&#39;s studies, and a diploma in fine arts&mdash;all things I love to weave into my books. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I reside&nbsp;on the beautiful west coast of Canada, with my author husband, so my interest in maintaining a clean environment is a given. I hope we can protect our planet, perhaps not in the way Brynna Bokk does, but with equal passion and responsibility.</p> <p>Please visit my website: MarjorieLindsey.com</p> <p></p>