About the author

Carol McKibben

<p>Carol McKibben was a magazine publisher for 20+ years. She has published <em>Luke&rsquo;s Tale, Riding Through It </em>and the <em>Snow Blood Vampire Mystery Thriller Series. Luke&rsquo;s Tale and Snow Blood </em>are targeted to a YA market. <em>Luke&rsquo;s Tale </em>was included<strong> in the Summer Solstice Top 12 Book Pick List.</strong> Carol writes from the heart of a dog&rsquo;s eyes. Her books help support her dog rescue efforts and focus on unconditional love.&nbsp; Carol, her labradoodle Neo, lab Thor and Siberian Husky Ty are currently working on new adventures. Go to http://www.carolmckibben.com or email carol@mckibben.com.</p>