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Thomas Patrick Blay

<p><strong>Thomas Patrick Blay</strong> is an American chef, restaurateur, food writer, and author of several books.</p><p>He was born on June 19, 1964, in New York City to Marc Blay and Barbara Elliot: he is of Italian descent on both sides.</p><p>Blay graduated from Fryeburg Academy in 1984 and attended school at the Institute of Culinary Education: he was also a member of the first graduating class of the American Culinary Institute in 1988. Although he is not currently teaching classes, he occasionally visits when his schedule permits.</p><p>Blay began his culinary career as a line cook at Prix Flex in New York. He was a sous-chef at Boyala in New York and, in 1996, became the executive chef at "Above the Sky", also in New York.</p><p>He is the owner and executive chef of several restaurants: in Las Vegas, New York, Atlantic City and in other 14 locations across 7 states.</p><p>On November 16, 2005, Blay married Valery Johnson: they have three children, and he has also two adult daughters from a prior marriage. They now live in Cold Spring, New York.</p>