About the author

Vaibhav Datar

<p>Its a delight to introduce my coach and now an author Vaibhav Datar to you. Thanks Vaibhav for giving me this opportunity to introduce you. Its a privilege to have you as my coach and my journey with you has been a revelation.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I have seen you grow from where you were to where you are today. I remember the times, when you were in Information Technology field and you wanted to help people with your skills and abilities. You had a terrific attitude then, maybe it is because of your surname, which literally means the Giver. You have been giving all your career and your books have been no exception.<br /> <br /> Vaibhav is an engineering and management graduate, with certification in coaching, hypnosis, graphology. He is a certified LIFE Coach and certified Master Spirit Life Coach from Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> As a coach, Vaibhav has helped number of business people, working professionals and housewives almost equally. Be it a business challenge, a working relationship or a separation, Vaibhav has been instrumental in client&#39;s success helping the client blossom and grow in his life.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> He is a coach cum consultant. Once he takes up a client, the client&#39;s success becomes his responsibility equally. He has been a patient listener, a curious questioner, an amazing friend, an uncomfortable mirror and a great person to be with in times of crisis or fun.<br /> <br /> Vaibhav, being an author, has been a huge leap of faith for you, from where I have seen you in the past. Your clients have got enormous success and have exceeded their expectations.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The challenge I faced when talking to you first time was, what am I going to discuss with you, but your pleasant personality and equally awesome conversational style helped me come out and discuss my life challenges.<br /> <br /> Guys, even though I was a piece of shit, the coaching conversations with Vaibhav helped me build my confidence, and today I face the world with ease and grace. Thank you Vaibhav.<br /> <br /> I wish you all the best and wishing you even more success in your future.<br /> <br /> All the best</p>