About the author

Kim Bailey

<p>Kim Bailey is a Canadian author. She&rsquo;s a born procrastinator and sarcasm junkie. She gets her motivation from coffee, the fact that her teenage children haven&rsquo;t disowned her, and the smile on her husband&#39;s face when she tells him &quot;maybe&quot;.&nbsp;<br /> When she was young and na&iuml;ve, Kim dreamed of being a documentary filmmaker and script writer. But when real life happened she went to a job that actually paid her. Now she&rsquo;s a customer support specialist by day and romance writer by night.&nbsp;<br /> Writing is something she&rsquo;s always done - she has about 20 million half-started story ideas. She may also be a slight exaggerator.&nbsp;<br /> Kim promised herself to set her fears aside and make the dream real. She&rsquo;s working on that, one day at a time.</p>