About the author

Kate Jones

<p>Kate first developed her love of reading and writing at an early age and always wanted to become a published author.</p> <p>Her first book &quot;Dark&quot; started life 35 years ago and the manuscript has had almost as much of an epic adventure as the characters within it, being recovered from total loss only as a result of a copy having been emailed to&nbsp; friend to review several years earlier!</p> <p>Life, children and the need as a single mum to work full time put all plans of authorship on the back burner&nbsp;for&nbsp;many years&nbsp;but with the love of an amazing man and having been invited to co-author&nbsp;one book in 2018 (Success Unlimited)&nbsp;she has finally found the opportunity and the self-belief to finish this&nbsp;first book in the Crystal Legacy series.</p> <p>With a No 4 Amazon best seller already under her belt, Kate is now pursuing a career as an author in her own right and in a genre she absolutely loves and has grown to think of Charlie, her main character, as another son! After all, he has been in her life&nbsp;for 35 years now and will be there for many years into the future.</p> <p></p>