About the author

Beca Lewis

<p>BECA LEWIS always wanted to be a writer, but there were a few pit stops along the way. She has been a dancer, teacher, stockbroker, financial planner, club dancer (read this any way you wish), waitress, web designer, headhunter (the civilized kind), and a diamond broker to just name a few. All this while trying to be a decent mother to three kids, a step-mother to five more, and a grandmother to the five, almost grown, best-looking grandchildren in the world. All these experiences are the perfect fodder for book writing!</p><p>Beca&#8217;s non-fiction Shift Series covers the system she developed and has coached for over twenty-five years. At this point, she is going to claim there is no time, so she doesn&#8217;t have to think about age. She&#8217;ll show you why you don&#8217;t have to either in this practical and inspirational series.</p><p>Beca&#8217;s fiction explores stories around the concepts of other dimensions, love that transcends time and space, and where good always triumphs over evil.</p><p>The best part of writing? Being an introvert on purpose, living in imagination, and then sharing it all with readers and friends.</p><p></p>