About the author


<p><strong>About the Author &#8230;</strong></p><p><strong>Grant Fellows is a teenage romance author.&#160; He is retired and lives in a large city suburban environment.&#160; </strong></p><p><strong>Prior to his retirement he worked for forty years in Business consulting.&#160; He started writing when he wrote articles for his clients on different business topics that reflected on their own companies, but did not yet establish himself as an author.</strong></p><p><strong>Grant Fellows was inspired to write about his own past and the kids he grew up with.&#160; He knew that younger generations are direct contributors to American History.&#160; Remembering his own past led him to write about the connection he and his friends had to America in the 1950&#8217;s.&#160; Life is full of many detours and he did not want those years to fade away in time.</strong></p><p><strong>His writings are literal and based on truth.&#160; His writings are very rich, descriptive and appealing to the reader.</strong></p><p><strong>His books &#8220;<u>Our commitment to America</u>&#8221;; &#8220;<u>A mission for God and Country</u>&#8221;; &#8220;<u>Our younger Years</u>&#8221; and &#8220;<u>My</u> <u>High School sweat Heart</u>&#8221; are all connected to the High School teenager and their part in American history.</strong></p>