About the author

Rachel Rinetti

<p></p><p>Rachel Rinetti is a collector of stories, a teller of adventures and a lover of life.<br><br>Rachel grew up telling stories to anyone who'd listen, always wanting to take people on a journey.&nbsp;Now in her thirties, Rachel has never lost her love of story telling and writes about love, loss, grief and triumph.&nbsp;<br><br>Rachel grew up surrounded by animals, with dogs and horses holding a special place in her heart. She loves small town vibes and will take a wine next to a fireplace over a nightclub any day.&nbsp;<br><br>When she's not writing, you can find Rachel working in her day job as a communication professional, making soy candles, or hanging out with her doggo watching the sunset.<br><br>​​​​​​​<em>The Birthday Romance Series&nbsp;</em>is her first series.&nbsp;</p>