About the author

Ubriel Bryne

Ubriel Bryne is a pen name of Amy Norton.<br>Amy Norton has been a professional legal code editor since 2015. She writes under her own name as well as Ubriel Bryne and Jami Lee Montgomery and publishes all three under&nbsp;www.UbrielBryneBooks.com.<br>Amy lives in the tropical hell that is the panhandle of North Florida with Zacharyn Norton, two loud-mouthed dogs, and two cats, one lanky, the other a chunk. When she isn’t braving the wild waters of her local area in her kayak, crossing swords with mosquitoes and competing in water acrobatics against colossal alligators, she is hiking and camping or taking road trips to hike and camp in new and less nightmarish climates.<br>Ubriel Bryne’s writing is sometimes whimsical and sometimes flippant but always full of creative imagery. She has been writing for two decades and released a few shorter works here and there. Her debut novel series, The Ports of Surset, was released in 2020.<br>Her new dark urban fantasy series, Starling Nightcastle, is due to begin January 7, 2023.