About the author

Bradley Charbonneau

<p>The following is an excerpt from the foreword to Bradley&#39;s upcoming book &quot;Every Single Day&quot; (available Oct. 17, 2017).<br> <br> &quot;He no longer resembled the mopey dejected &quot;former writer&quot; I&#39;d known. He became unstoppable. A machine. It wasn&#39;t just about the writing, either. It was a deeper transformation. He became much more confident and bold. He was inspiring and even intimidating in some ways. He wasn&#39;t the same person anymore. He took risks and wrote books and closed his business and moved his family halfway across the world. He&#39;s done so many things I couldn&#39;t imagine &quot;2012 Bradley&quot; doing. That he couldn&#39;t imagine actually doing. I barely recognize my old friend these days, and I&#39;m glad.&nbsp;<br> <br> He realized his dream and became a professional writer. This book is only a small piece of the proof of that.&quot;<br> <br> -- John Muldoon, excerpted from the foreword to &quot;Every Single Day&quot;</p>