About the author

Peter Hartog

<p>A native son of Massachusetts, Peter has been living in the Deep South for over 25 years.&nbsp;By day, he&#39;s an insurance professional, saving the world one policy at a time.&nbsp;But at night, well, no one really wants to see him fighting crime in his Spider-Man onesie. Instead, Peter develops new worlds of adventure, influenced by his love of science fiction, mysteries, music and&nbsp;fantasy.&nbsp;Whether it&#39;s&nbsp;running role-playing games for his long-time friends, watching his beloved New England sporting teams vie for another championship, or just chilling with a movie, his wife, two boys, two puppies and three cats, Peter&#39;s imagination is always on the move.&nbsp;It&#39;s the reason&nbsp;why his stories are an eclectic blend of intrigue, excitement, humor and magic, all&nbsp;drawn from four&nbsp;decade&#39;s worth of television, film, novels, and comic books.</p>