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Yvonne Lanot

<p><strong>Yvonne Lanot is the voice, face and writer for Lost with Yvonne. Her Podcast, YouTube channel and Blog showcases her traveling lifestyle and getting lost in the journey we call life. She ultimately wants to motivate and inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and enjoy the unfamiliar. &nbsp;When she&rsquo;s not on the computer entertaining people with her life story or writing the story of her next book, she&rsquo;s usually hanging out with her cats, Dot and Dolly. You can also find her watching cheesy rom-coms or traveling to a new city to get lost in. You can find Yvonne constantly on her Instagram Stories and on twitter @lostwithyvonne. You can find out more information on her website lostwithyvonne.com. </strong></p>