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Chi-Full Team

​​​Ronald (1963) and Saskia (1966), is a co-working mission of two friends that have been studying and practicing a diversity of holistic and Taoïst Secret Metaphysical subjects around the globe during this lifetime.<br>We both have been on individual routing and happen to share the same interest as Touch For Health practitioners, Taoist practitioners, and pioneers.<br>We met each other 5 years ago and now are working together as Chi-Full Team.<br>Our books are inspired by all the encounters we have with life itself and the many skilled people and Masters we met along the way.<br>We enjoy working with people, inspiring them on their personal journey to become in Wellbeing and Health in a natural way.<br>This means that we reconnect people to the natural way of living for their best benefit, life in inner peace, balance, and harmony.<br>Now we invite you to make a change in lifestyle which does not have to be difficult.<br>We help you to explore, learn, share, teach and change your world.<br>Your new understanding and insights will help you to become more easy-going when dealing with challenges in life due to a proper release of stress and muscle-tensions.<br><br>* We have built a bridge between the old Secret teachings and the metaphysical (science)<br>* We present a diversity of methods for growing inner understanding, consciousness and awareness<br>* We offer methods for self-help Wu Wei, Meditation, Chi-Dao (Qigong)<br>* We offer a reconnection with the energies of the natural way of living (Tao) to restore inner wellbeing and health<br><br>Chi-Full is here to help you unlock your hidden inner potential.<br><br>You can learn more by visiting our website: www.chifull.eu