About the author

W. Joseph Puza

<p>I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I have enjyed writing it. This story was given life a few years ago when&nbsp;I was screenwriting. I didn&#39;t put much work into selling it,&nbsp;in the back of my mind, I knew one day I was going to release this one myself! What better form than a book. Here I was able to expand everything and get deeper into the lives of the people that lived in these pages. I believe a good writer must be part of those he or she brings to life for people to watch or read about; and&nbsp;I believe a did a pretty good job of breathing life into these ones!</p><p>This Picture is of Brittanty,&nbsp;this is how Agatha would look after salt was tossed in her face.</p><p>Let no one stand in the way of your dreams and goals, my best to you all!</p><p></p>