About the author

J. Haney

<p>I was born and raised in Kentucky. I reside in Greenup County, Kentucky with my family. My debut novel, An Unexpected Love, released August 2015. I&rsquo;m a single momma to my eight-year-old daughter, Jessalyn Kristine. I also take care and homeschool my autistic cousin, Aiden Sean, he&rsquo;s nine years old. I love photography and seeing what I can capture through the lens! I just started plus size modeling and have been 5 or 6 pattern covers now. Both kids model as well, I suppose you can call us &ldquo;One Big Modeling Family. I&rsquo;m probably the biggest book whore, I know. I love books of all genres and get excited when I&rsquo;m introduced to a new author. I&rsquo;m often told I act like a kid in the candy shop, which I could totally see!&nbsp;</p> <p>A few fun facts about me:</p> <p>1. My daughter Jessalyn is my most favorite person in the world.</p> <p>2. I&#39;m probably the biggest book whore there is.</p> <p>3. I love music of any kind, but better yet, I love singing.</p> <p>4. I hate cold/wet weather.</p> <p>5. I wear at least four different colors at once.</p> <p>6. I have the most awesome group of friends a gal can have: Jamie, Lisa, Chris, Patricia, Shannon, April, Crystal and Annelle. Love you, ladies!</p> <p>7. I would love one day to meet Alice Clayton, Christina Lauren, A.M. Willard, Jamie McGuire, and so many others.</p> <p>8. I&rsquo;m completely addicted to tattoos and piercings.</p> <p>9. I&rsquo;m very random, and will say crazy stuff out of nowhere.</p> <p>10. I can tell you every word from beginning to ending of <em>Wallbanger</em> by Alice Clayton and <em>One Night Series</em> by A.M. Willard.</p>