About the author

Robert Cubitt

<p>Robert (Bob) Cubitt has always been keen on writing and has tried his hand at various projects over the years, but the need to earn a crust had always interfered with his desire to be more creative. After serving for 23 years in the RAF, working as a logistics planner for Royal Mail and as a Civil Servant with the Ministry of Defence, Robert took up writing full time writing in 2012 and now has a large catalogue of work published.<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; Bob likes to write in several different genres, whatever takes his fancy at the time. His current series are sci-fi and World War II history and genres don't come much more diverse than that.&#160;<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; In his spare time Bob enjoys playing golf, is a member of a pub skittles team and is an ardent Northampton Saints fan.</p>