About the author

Lee R Jackson

<p>He was born in Manchester, UK, with hearing deficiencies. Later he developed multiple sclerosis but it&#39;s never held him back. He was bullied in his teens because he didn&#39;t fit in. But he always kept moving forward.&nbsp; He has had varied careers in his life, including being an artist and a front-man where he sung and co-wrote music in various touring bands.&nbsp; His role as an artist included creating pro-environmental art pieces, which have been in several solo and joint art exhibitions.&nbsp; He also produced and directed two short films, one of which is called &#39;The Devil&#39;s Ring&#39;, which he also wrote.&nbsp; (This film led to him writing his novel &#39;The Ruler of Hell - The Devil&#39;s Sister&#39;.)&nbsp; These films were part of the four degrees he gained from major UK universities; one of these is a doctorate where he studied alternative cultures and crime. Throughout his life, Lee&rsquo;s creative writing has always featured, enhanced by these experiences.</p>