About the author

Marg McAlister

<p>If you&#39;ve been reading my books in the Georgie B. Goode Gypsy Caravan Cozy Mystery series, then you won&#39;t be at all surprised to learn that I love to do road trips! In fact, it was while I was on the road with my husband, seeing parts of Australia, that I first got the idea for this cozy mystery series. It arose from two different events. First, I saw an old gypsy bowtop wagon in an RV park and was instantly fascinated (especially when I talked to the gypsy who owned it, who was available to tell fortunes!) Soon after, we happened to be staying in another RV park that was hosting a vintage caravan rally. All those lovely vintage homes on wheels! I was instantly captivated.</p><p><br> Georgie B. Goode and her gypsy home wheels was born of those two events - as was her little band of amateur sleuths. Georgie&#39;s adventures have been so much fun to write!&nbsp;</p><p><br> What else can I tell you about my life (writing and otherwise)? Let me see... well, I&#39;ve been a keen writer since I was about 9 years old (yes, really!) and over the years I&#39;ve written fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children. I spent a few years on the Committee of Romance Writers of Australia, and I&#39;ve created a series of books for writers as well as running workshops on writing.&nbsp;<br> <br> I guess I&#39;m lucky that I can make a living doing what I love so much: I can travel and write at the same time, and I get to make up stories as well as pass on tips to writers who want to publish their own books!&nbsp;</p>