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Columbus Falco

<p>&nbsp;Mr. Columbus Falco the author of these successful books, . : 1937;<br> Crucible of Decline; India Shattering the Illusion;<br> Fascism &amp; Dharma World War 2<br> Crucible of Decline; India<br> Shattering the Illusion;&nbsp;<br> European Union - The Rape of Europa;<br> Holocausts vs. Science-A Technical Complaint;<br> Kashmir - The Birth of a New Nation&nbsp;<br> He works in collaboration with an extensive group of research associates. combination with his knowledge of world history and international travel. He has tackled the complexity of Asia&rsquo;s sub Continent, European history, - the truth that is ignored. Mr. Falco, a veteran, was educated at universities in the U.S. and Europe. His books are straight to the point &ndash; no nonsense</p>