About the author

Eze King Eke

<p>Eze King Eke was born on October 21, 1979, in a remote town in Imo state, a very poor region in southeastern Nigeria, West Africa.</p> <p>In 1981, his family moved to the city of Lagos where his father was offered a teaching job, and there he did his schooling.</p> <p>A sinister supernatural incident almost destroyed his life in May 1996 but certainly cut short his proposed trip to the United States for advanced studies the following year.</p> <p>Today, Eze King Eke is self-educated to lofty levels in several academic fields and possesses a vast wealth of intellectual knowledge from which he draws to accomplish his works. He is a gifted author, writer, blogger and a non-profit Gospel worker. He is currently unmarried and lives a very quiet life in the city of Lagos. His hobbies are writing, reading, cycling, watching intelligent movies, helping the poor and needy.</p> <p>His ultimate goal in writing is to tell stories in all their true color and glory.</p>