About the author

Peter James West

<p>Peter James West is a British author who was born and raised in the seaside town of Scarborough, England. After obtaining a first class degree in artificial intelligence, he was married in India and now lives with his wife in London, where the trains break down with the regularity of an atomic clock.<br /> <br /> <strong>Peter says:</strong><br /> My books are a mixture of military science fiction, action, and fantasy. Tales of Cinnamon City is a science fiction series set in the richly detailed world of Megarothia.<br /> <br /> <strong>If you&rsquo;re looking for a good place to start, you can take a look at the first book in my Tales of Cinnamon City series here:</strong><br /> http://www.trentmediaservices.com/sl/d2d/ic<br /> <br /> The series is available now from all good retailers.<br /> &nbsp;</p><p><br /> <strong><strong><strong>Tales of Cinnamon City is a science fiction series based on the alien world of Megarothia.</strong></strong></strong><br /> <br /> Information Cloud, (Tales of Cinnamon City #1)<br /> <br /> Cinnamon City, (Tales of Cinnamon City #2)<br /> <br /> Ascension (Tales of Cinnamon City #3)<br /> <br /> Lord Hades (Tales of Cinnamon City #4)</p><p>The Augmented (Tales of Cinnamon City #5)</p><p>Jacob&#39;s War (Tales of Cinnamon City #6)<br /> <br /> <strong><strong>For the latest updates, and to see what Peter is working on now, visit:<br /> <strong>http://www.sciencefictionextra.com</strong></strong></strong></p>