About the author

Debra Butterfield

<p>Debra Butterfield is the author of several books including <em>Claiming Her Inheritance</em>, <em>Abba&#8217;s Promise</em>, <em>Abba&#8217;s Answers</em>, <em>Carried by Grace </em>and<em> Unshakable Faith.</em> She has been published in numerous anthologies, as well as magazines.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>In addition to writing nonfiction and fiction, she is a freelance editor and is the editorial director for CrossRiver Media Group.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>Debra Butterfield is the mother of three adult children (each born in a different decade and different state, how fun is that!) and two grandchildren. She is also a Marine Corps veteran, widely traveled, and lived in Europe for four years. She loves reading cozy mysteries and historical fiction. She enjoys being outdoors and actually likes the smell of skunks.</p>