About the author

Mary Brock Jones

<p>Mary Brock Jones lives in New Zealand, but loves nothing more than to escape into the other worlds in her head, to write science fiction and historical romances. Sedate office worker by day; frantic scribbler by night.</p><p>Her parents introduced her to libraries and gave her a farm to play on, where trees became rocket ships and rocky outcrops were ancient fortresses. She grew up writing, filling pages of notebooks and filling her head with stories, but took a number of detours on the pathway to her dream job. After four grown sons, a career as a government veterinarian, and more than one house renovated, her wish came true.</p><p>You can find Mary here:</p><p>www.marybrockjones.com</p><p>https://www.facebook.com/MaryBrockJones Author</p><p>https://twitter.com/MaryBrockJones</p><p><br></p><p>***</p><p>Also By Mary Brock Jones:</p><p>A Heart Divided</p><p>Swift Runs the Heart</p><p>Resistance: Hathe Book One</p><p>Pay The Piper: Hathe Book Two<br>Aftermath: Hathe Book Three<br>Toil and Strife: Hathe books one and two.&nbsp;<br>Torn. Arcadia Book 1<br>Taken. Arcadia Book 2<br></p>