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John A. Hoda

<p>John A. Hoda is an investigator and author. He blogs, YouTubes, and podcasts from&nbsp;his All Things Investigative website. www.johnhoda.com. He is a former police officer and insurance fraud investigator. He is a licensed Private Investigator with expertise in Forensic Genealogy and Investigative Interviewing and is the creator of the DVD: The Ultimate Guide&nbsp;to Taking Statements. He is a Certified &nbsp;Legal Investigator and Certified Fraud Examiner. He has sat on the board of the National Association of Legal Investigators and the CT Assoc. of Licensed Private Investigators. He has run marathons and bicycled long distance. He played club soccer and semi-professional football. He has written, produced and acted in amateur theatre in New Haven, CT. He is the Author of Phantasy Baseball: It&#39;s about a second chance and Mugshots: My favorite Detective Stories</p>