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Sharyn Ferns

<p>Sharyn Ferns is an experienced dominant woman who started her BDSM explorations over 20 years ago. She has been writing the award-winning Domme Chronicles blog for more years than she cares to count, and moderates the largest F/m discussion forum in the world. Her books are&nbsp;born out of her experiences,&nbsp;interactions, and conversations she has been having with dominant women and submissive men over those many years.</p><p>She is passionate about submissive men, about writing, creative thinking, mindful living, and about seeing beauty in the world. She's a confirmed introvert despite the fact that she spews every intimate detail of her personal life out in public with verve and enthusiasm.</p><p>As a dominant, she is loving and selfish, affectionate and demanding, generous and uncompromising, deeply passionate and reserved. Complex and unique, like most people.</p><p>-//-</p><p>To be the first to hear about new book releases join her mailing list: https://www.domme-chronicles.com/link/mailing-list.</p><p>-//-</p><p>She is known as 'Ferns' online, and you can connect with her at:</p><p>​​​​​​​<strong>W:</strong> &nbsp;&nbsp; https://www.domme-chronicles.com</p><p><strong>T:</strong> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; https://twitter.com/Ferns__ (double underscore!)</p><p><strong>F: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </strong>https://www.facebook.com/DommeChronicles</p><p><strong>FL: &nbsp; </strong>https://fetlife.com/users/12518</p><p><strong>E:</strong> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ferns@domme-chronicles.com</p><p><br></p><p><em>If you enjoyed one of my&nbsp;book, please consider writing a short review: As an independent author, word-of-mouth is key, and reviews really help other readers to find my books.</em></p>