About the author

Robert Stephen Parry

<p>Robert Stephen Parry is a UK writer of historical fiction, bringing you stories from a wide range of time periods, from Tudor &amp; Elizabethan, through 18th-century Georgian, right up to the era of Victorian England and the Belle Époque. Well researched and vivid historical settings combine with unusual elements of mystery, romance and magical realism. Publications to date:<br>2019 QUEEN VICTORIA - and the Men who Loved Her.<br>2016 THE TESTAMENT OF SOPHIE DAWES - The Queen of Chantilly and a Scandal at the Heart of Victorian Society.<br>2015 THE HOURS BEFORE - A Story of Mystery and Suspense from the Belle Époque.<br>2014 ELIZABETH - The Virgin Queen and the Men who Loved Her.<br>2013 WILDISH - A Story Concerning Different Kinds of Love.<br>2011 THE ARROW CHEST - A Victorian Mystery<br>2009 VIRGIN AND THE CRAB - Sketches, Fables and Mysteries from the Early Life of John Dee and Elizabeth Tudor.<br></p>