About the author

Barry Metcalf

<p>Born in 1943 into a working class family with middle class aspirations, I began writing stories while at school, finally venturing into novels when I retired from teaching in 1997. The result was a series of murder mysteries set in Australia and featuring two unorthodox investigators, who work for the fictional Strange &amp; Obscure Cases (SOC) Unit, an autonomous offshoot of ASIO.</p> <p>Encouraged by positive feedback, the stories flow easily and usually reflect my bizarre sense of reality and weird humour. When the muse&rsquo;s ego is bruised, I bide my time, reworking old short stories into Sci-Fi novels and waiting for new ideas to evolve. The longest time I&rsquo;ve gone without writing anything new has been eighteen months, but when the drought broke, the words flowed thick and fast.</p> <p>Three times married, with four children, I live in Morwell, Victoria, Australia.</p>