About the author

Yusufu Turaki

<p><strong>Yusufu Turaki is a Professor of Theology and Social Ethics</strong>. He teaches Theology&nbsp; and&nbsp; Social&nbsp; Ethics&nbsp; at&nbsp; the&nbsp; Jos&nbsp; ECWA&nbsp; Theological&nbsp; Seminary (JETS) since 1980. He studied Theology at Igbaja Theological Seminary, Nigeria (Th.B.); Theology and Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary,&nbsp; USA&nbsp; (MATS);&nbsp; and&nbsp; Social&nbsp; Ethics&nbsp; at&nbsp; Boston&nbsp; University,&nbsp; USA (Ph.D.). He was a Research Scholar with the Research Enablement Program&nbsp; sponsored&nbsp; by&nbsp; the&nbsp; PEW&nbsp; Charitable&nbsp; Trusts&nbsp; and&nbsp; administered&nbsp; by the Overseas Ministry Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut, USA and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Yale Divinity School, Yale University, USA. He is currently the Regional Director of the International&nbsp; Bible&nbsp; Society&nbsp; Nigeria.&nbsp; He&nbsp; is&nbsp; married&nbsp; to&nbsp; Deborah and they have four children: Nyela, Yimi, Iyakachi and Ladi.</p>